Carol Nolan TD

Narrow margin of EU Asylum Pact vote is the crack through which chaos will enter


Independent TD Carol Nolan has described the Dáil’s approval of the controversial EU Asylum and Migration Pact by a vote of 79 to 72 as a political earthquake that will escalate the breakdown in social cohesion by further removing national decision-making capacity on the issues to the European Union.

Deputy Nolan went on to say that the close nature of the vote also highlights the absurdity of recent ministerial and Government rhetoric to the effect that anyone opposing the approval of the Pact was motivated by a “racist or so-called far right agenda.”:

“By the narrowest of margins this Government has embarked upon a policy agenda that does not have the meaningful consent of the Irish people and which has at all times lacked even the appearance of public consultation. That kind of democratic deficit cannot be smoothed over or wished away by a vote in the Dáil,” said Deputy Nolan.

“I and indeed the handful of my colleagues who have consistently worked to change the narrative on these issues, so that it reflects the views of ordinary people, remain dedicated to exposing the shivering sell-outs who have now conceded one of the greatest transfers of national sovereignty to the EU in a generation,” concluded Deputy Nolan