Carol Nolan TD

Government Delays on Wind Energy Guideline are Beyond a Joke

– 17-04-2024

Independent TD for Laois Offaly Carol Nolan has again called on Government to provide a specific timeline for when the revised Wind Energy Development Guidelines will be published.

Deputy Nolan raised the matter with the Tánaiste Micheál Martin in the Dail during questions on promised legislation in the last number of days.

In her remarks to the Tánaiste the Independent TD said:

“There are many communities like mine in County Offaly, where there are bogs with a rich heritage such as Leamonaghan bog which is rich in monastic heritage and has links to Clonmacnoise.”

“Indeed, there is a proposal to put a wind farm there which is absolutely ludicrous and against the wishes of many members of the community.”

“Communities feel disillusioned, frustrated, and angered that there are no protections, and their rights are not being upheld. The guidelines need to be published urgently. People need legally binding rights.”

“Communities like Leamonaghan strongly object to the wanton destruction of its bog, not just from the heritage point of view but also from the fact that the habitats, flora and fauna will also be considerably degraded.”

“I find it absolutely ludicrous that I have been raising this matter since at least 2020, and all I and indeed other Deputy’s are getting in reply is a variation of ‘it is not possible to provide a timeline for publication because of the highly technical nature of the review’.

“The current legislation around wind turbine guidance dates from 2016 and is widely accepted to be deficient in a number of areas.”

“Given the scale of the government’s ambition around the future of-shore and in-shore wind farms, it is absolutely vital that the right of communities to have a formative say in their development or opposition is protected,” Deputy Nolan concluded.