Carol Nolan TD

EU Restoration Law vote is the last sting of a dying Green wasp


Independent TD for Laois Offaly Carol Nolan has said that profound opposition will continue to characterise most farmers responses to the controversial EU Nature Restoration Law, which was passed by a qualified majority in the European Councill today.

Deputy Nolan said that the recent EU elections made it ‘abundantly clear’ that the people of the European union member states were ‘sick and tired of having mandatory, so-called, green polices rammed down their throat’:

“The Greens were delivered almost total annihilation at the EU level in the recent elections, losing the majority of their MEP’s in many member states including Ireland,” said Deputy Nolan.

“Yet despite this resounding rejection we are now stuck with the ghost of Greens past with a restoration law that will create nothing but high levels of future uncertainty and the imposition of yet another raft of mandatory objectives.”

“Farmers and food security are not served by a law whose outcomes may well serve to make it even harder to produce sufficient amounts of produce on less and less land reserved exclusively for agriculture,” concluded Deputy Nolan.